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Fatherhood Materials



  1. Feb 4: Rethink Happy. Mr. Doug Kisgen. Audio:(mp3)


  1. March 5: What Women Want! (From their Husbands and Fathers). Mrs. Sally Smith. Audio:(ogg, wma)
  2. April 2The Enduring Benefits of Engaged Fatherhood. Dr. Mark Regnerus, Associate Professor at the University of Texas, Austin. Audio:( ogg, wma )


  1. April 11: The most important thing a father needs to think about. Michael Pakaluk, Professor at the University and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Ave Maria University.
  2. March 7: Getting your kids to "buy-in" to the Faith. Timothy J. Reckart, Partner, Rusing Lopez & Lizardi, P.L.L.C.. 
  3. February 7: Thomas More as Father and Educator. Gerard B. Wegemer, Professor at the University of Dallas. 


  1. February 1: Teaching the Priority of Being over Having, Jose S Healy, Healy Media Consulting. Audio (mp3,ogg)
  2. March 1: How to Help Your Son Grow in Faith, Alvaro de Vicente, Headmaster of the Heights High School. Audio (mp3,ogg)
  3. April 5: Winning the Battle for a Clean Life, Michael Johnson, Ph.D., licensed psychologist. Audio (mp3,ogg)


  1. February 2: Steve Markel:
  2. March 2: Patrick Fagan:


  1. Tim Westman: Educating your Children about the Truth and Meaning of Sexuality
  2. Thomas Spence: Get your kids off the screen and into a book