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Dangerous Club for Fathers and Sons


What happens at meetings?
1. Short father and son virtue talk
2. One hour 15 minutes of joint father and son activity 
3. Concluding snack and social

Some additional non-meeting activities such as campouts and canoe trips will be arranged for additional high adventure gathering.
For sons in grades 3-5. Meets the following Sundays from 3 PM-5 PM.
Sept. 11 Camp 10/28 Nov. 13
Dec. 11 Jan. 15 Feb. 12
Mar. 5 Apr. 9 May 21

For sons in grades 6-8. Meets the following Sundays from 3 PM-5 PM.
Oct 2 Camp 10/28 Dec 4
Jan. 8 Feb. 5 Mar. 5
Apr. 2 May 7 June 11

Contact: Larry Monks, 713-459-8009, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Register: www.chaucercenter.net/registration

Cost: $50 for father and son

What are the Goals?

For the Sons:
  • To begin thinking about what kind of men they will be when they grow up
  • To learn about some fundamental virtues and how they can start living them
  • To engage in fun yet manly activities where they can develop their character
  • To become friends with other boys who are developing their character
For the Fathers:
  • To have a opportunity to be with their sons in a fun atmosphere
  • To better understand and articulate the virtues and see how they can help their sons acquire them 
  • To have more occasions for the conversations they want to have with their sons about deeper subjects