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The Grade

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Program Overview

The Grade gives young men the practical,

intellectual, and moral foundation to be a man of

virtue. Through a combination of classes, one-on-one

mentoring, and career presentations by successful

professionals, it helps them develop the skills and

attitude necessary to be effective in college and later

on as a father, a professional, and a citizen. There are

eight general grade sessions from August through

April, accompanied by eight one-on-onementoring

sessions. In order for the program to be effective, we

highly recommend that students make a

commitment to attending the majority of these




Each student will be assigned a mentor who guides

him in applying the principles taught in class. The

mentor is like a coach who challenges and

encourages each student to reach his best.

Specifically, he helps the student set goals that are

important and practical. In an ongoing way, he helps

the student track his progress toward these goals.

For the sake of continuity the mentor will try to

maintain contact with the student in between